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As first time home buyers and picky customers, we appreciated her patience and help.

We met Lisa at an open house. We had been looking for a house for about 2 months, by then with no luck. She asked us what we were looking for in a house and gave us her card. We were quickly set up with an online portal where we could conveniently see houses that met our needs. Whenever we found a house that we liked, Lisa would eagerly take us to check them out. We knew very little about how to tell if a house was a good purchase as first-time buyers. Lisa answered all our questions and pointed out future potential issues some houses might have if we bought them.

Lisa would give very good opinions for house comparisons. She shared her house purchase experience with us, letting us know what to pay attention to when picking a home. We learned a lot from her. She has many great qualities as a realtor, but our favorite thing about her is how fast she can act. She answered every call and replied to emails quickly. She took us to check out houses we picked out on the same day or early the next day. Buying a home in a seller’s market is tough. The prices increase fast and a fast response is a necessity.

It was hard to get the house we wanted but we finally did. It is a nice house in a beautiful neighborhood. The location is great and the price is reasonable. We had lots of competitors who also made offers on the home. Lisa made sure the contract was carefully prepared and gave advice about how to make a competitive offer to ensure we got the house we wanted. She was very considerate for doing this. We would not have gotten our dream home without her help.

She walked us through every step of the closing process. And we even closed the deal a few days earlier than expected. We see her as a sweet friend now and will work with her again if we have the opportunity.

Buying a home is a big decision and we would definitely want to work with someone trustworthy. We highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is searching for a new home.

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