Yes, You Can Be an Organized Maximalist

Minimalism has been a home design trend for many years. But maximalism has also been gaining steam with homeowners, especially since our days in pandemic lockdown. Filling our homes with all the things we love can be rewarding. The trick is to keep all those lovely things organized so your home doesn’t look cluttered. If you’ve got the maximalism bug, then here are our best tips for keeping your home clean and clutter-free.

Keep collections together

One hallmark of a maximalist style is having collections. Whether you collect vintage dishware, classic toys, or old postcards, having a collection – or many – can be a wonderful way to express your style. The key to making your collections look curated instead of like clutter is to display them together. So instead of putting a vintage dish here and there around your home, group them into a vignette.

Consider color

A clever way to create visual cohesion when you have a lot of stuff is to limit your color palate. Choose neutral colors for walls and big items so that your beautiful collections stand out and create a lasting impression.

Be smart about storage

The maximalists around us know that good storage is key. And keeping track of what you have in storage is almost as important. Create order instead of chaos by having a good storage system. Take the time to properly fold everything and store items neatly in their designated locations. This will help you keep tabs on all your items so you don’t acquire too many and you’ll look more organized.

Toss packaging

Unless you feel you need to keep the packaging of an item (say, to resell it for top dollar at a later date), then ditch those boxes and pieces of plastic. Packaging takes up an enormous amount of room and will make your home look cluttered. By getting rid of packaging you can substantially downsize the number of things you have without sacrificing one ounce of your style.

Curate and rotate

Another tip to becoming an organized maximalist is to curate and rotate your items. You don’t need to display every item you own every day of the year. Instead, think of your home as a museum and have rotating “exhibits” of the items you love. The easiest way to do this is to switch up your decor as the seasons change. This is one key reason why it pays to have a smart storage system. It allows you to change and refresh your home throughout the year.

Don’t be afraid to edit

Finally, just because you’re a maximalist doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the occasional edit, too. Going through your belongings to decide what to keep and what to let go of can help you develop your taste and refine your style. Periodically evaluate your belongings and determine if you need to keep everything you have. Chances are you’ll find items you no longer need or want. Letting them go will help to create space for those things you really love.

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